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Character: Miles Edgeworth
Age: 36
Canon: Ace Attorney
Canon Point: Post-Spirit of Justice.

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At first glance, Miles Edgeworth is a world-renown prosecuting attorney who wants to harness the power of the legal system to help people. Throughout the course of his career, Edgeworth has cultivated a reputation for being a man to whom morals matter more than the strict letter of the law; the law, after all, can and has been corrupted by the actors working within it. The truth of a matter, however, is always worth striving for, no matter how confronting it might be. Even at the height of his career, at the height of his mental stability, Edgeworth still has no qualms about making witnesses break down on the stand if it will bring him closer to the truth. (He’s just…nicer about it now.) This code of conduct of Edgeworth's is something that has been developed throughout the course of his fifteen-year career. When he first passed the bar, Edgeworth was still suffering under the weight of his childhood trauma, leading him towards a more punitive style of prosecution. The law had failed him when he had needed it most, his father’s killer had walked free, and he would not allow the same mistake to happen again. Except that it did.

Over a period of years and with the help of a rag-tag bunch of lawyers and assistants, Edgeworth learnt that the legal system was flawed when it came to actually bringing wrongdoers to justice and also realised unearthing that nitty-gritty truth was extremely important when it came to making sure that the right people would pay for their crimes. Still, Edgeworth still wholeheartedly believes the legal system is necessary, and even though his resolve has faltered from time to time, he has not given up hope that the system can be better than what it is, and that is why he has persevered with his career as a prosecutor all these years. During Edgeworth’s tenure as chief prosecutor in his later years, he was personally responsible for reinstating a prosecutor who was on death row because he believed the man was innocent and that the system had failed him. Edgeworth was right, in the end, which really just goes to show how far the legal system had fallen to even get to that point.

Miles Edgeworth's mentor once called him a romanticist, and look, the man wasn’t wrong.

Edgeworth's indomitable integrity can cause him to be viewed as somewhat uptight by those around him. He takes himself very seriously, and it shows in everything from his actions, to the way he dresses, to the expressions on his face. Whether it’s his fastidious attempts to restructure the legal system, or setting up his office chessboard to represent a battle with his courtroom rival, or chartering a jet halfway across the world at a moment’s notice to help a friend in need, Miles Edgeworth doesn’t do things by halves. He’s the type of man who still wears a cravat in the 21st century—he’s the type of man who carries a spare cravat around with him, you know, just in case. Can’t beat that commitment to style. He drives a fancy red sports car just because he can.

His general bearing has been known to make people (one defense attorney in particular) burst into uncontrollable laughter. Public opinion on Edgeworth is divided: he has been described as garish and dashing and everything in between.

It can be said that Edgeworth is not only a man who knows what he wants, but also a man who knows what he likes; despite this, he is still self-conscious about revealing too much about himself around others. Once upon a time, he struggled with general feelings of affection as he was still so consumed with the hatred he had carried with him since childhood. Now, he’s more at ease with his genuine emotions but still does his best to downplay affection when he can, whether it’s through backhanded barbs or simply blowing off his friends when they dare remark that it might be good for him to show feelings. He’s also a giant nerd and fanboy, but when called out on it he will hastily deny all knowledge of what he’s just said. Steel Samurai, he doesn’t know anything about The Steel Samurai, what?

Basically, Edgeworth is very aware of the persona he projects and tries very hard to pretend that he is in control of what is going on around him. He often fails. For all of Edgeworth’s appeals towards logic and rationally, at the end of the day he is still a very emotive person who wears his responses to his successes and failures on his sleeves. Having had the experience of being lost and isolated, Edgeworth really passionately cares about doing his best to make sure no-one else has to go through what he has, and still believes the law is one of the best (not sole) weapons at his disposal. He has his friends and the support of the people around him as well; he doesn’t have to do things alone anymore. His most recent achievement of note is helping said friends overthrow a totalitarian regime in a foreign country. Because Miles Edgeworth doesn’t do things by halves and even when the legal system is flawed, it can be made better. This is what he wholeheartedly believes.

Abilities: No supernatural powers here! Sometimes people around him believe his ability to make logical deductions is akin to a superpower, but really he is just an ordinary human being with a sizeable helping of common sense.

Alignment: Going to go with Thras for this one; a lot of Edgeworth’s childhood and subsequent upbringing was dominated with fear, and much of his personal development revolved around being brave enough to overcome it.



Note: I have gone the combined general and emotion route for this sample! Instances of emotions affecting the environment are underlined.

Telepathy had taken some getting used to. The scratching at the back of his head that indicated someone wanted to talk to him had felt alien yet uncomfortably familiar at first; he didn’t know what it had meant, not truly, but all the same, the skill was innate. The first time he’d used the connection to talk someone, he had found himself ensnared in a vortex of localised wind filled with scattered, swirling leaves. Physical manifestations of emotions were just another quirk of this place.

Still. He was more open-minded than he had been as a younger man. (Open-minded was the perfect way to describe it, truly. Once his mind stuttered over the double-meaning, and then acknowledged it, he found himself smiling softly to himself, and the room seemed that little bit ever-so-brighter.) So, yes, it had been a shock to find himself in a whole new world, but he would do his best to adapt. He could adapt.

His prosecutor's badge was still in his pocket where he always kept it; old habits died hard, even across space and time. He lifted it out, turned it in his fingers; when he stopped to truly think about it, it was wonderous just how far they had come. How he wasn't haunted by his past anymore. 'Happy' was perhaps too strong a word for it, but content... content would suffice in describing the warm feeling that settled somewhere underneath his ribcage when he thought about all that he had achieved.

The scent of ripe peaches wafted in on the breeze.

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