logically: (PAINED ↳ (life is falling apart.))
Miles Edgeworth ([personal profile] logically) wrote 2017-02-08 01:14 pm (UTC)

february 2016


[personal profile] fairbrook | In which Edgeworth purportedly doesn't need help | 02/06
"I cannot in good conscience allow you to fall."

[personal profile] letteropener | In which there is a TALKING PONY | 02/06
"What the hell."

[personal profile] ryuwrighthistory | In which a gift horse is looked in the mouth | 02/06
"How did you know I was a tea-drinker?"

[personal profile] laurice | In which if something smells... | 02/06
"What on Earth are you blabbering on about?"

[personal profile] divinable | In which Edgeworth is reminded of someone he used to know | 02/06
"I don't believe we've been formally introduced?"

[personal profile] spiritedafey | In which Edgeworth is occupying both a rock and a hard place | 02/06
"I'm in a spot of trouble."

[personal profile] bewrightback | In which there is a reunion, of sorts. | 02/06
"It is good to see you again."

[personal profile] sweetjoker | In which everything is (not) fine. | 02/07
"I didn't know weather had an opinion."

[personal profile] ephemerous | In which Edgeworth forgot his towel. | 02/07
"I didn't know you were here as well."

[personal profile] 88dbs | In which Edgeworth has an unwanted drink of water. | 02/09
"I found it best to simply ignore them."

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